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eZ Launchpad: Making it Easy to Get Started with eZ Platform

eZ Launchpad: Making it Easy to Get Started with eZ Platform

5/19/2017 by Sébastien Morel and Bård Farstad

When it comes to developer experience, the most important factor in evaluating and learning new technologies is: time to first success. In the CMS world, the first success happens when you get your development environment working and able to create content in the back-office and view it in the front. eZ Launchpad is one of the solutions for making this time as short as possible. Installing and configuring a complete stack for eZ Platform can be challenging and time-consuming if you have not done it many times. With eZ Launchpad you can get this stack up and running, and ready for real development in just a few minutes.

An afternoon with Blackfire and eZ Publish at Novactive SF

An afternoon with Blackfire playing on eZ Platform

11/23/2015 by Sébastien Morel

We had the willing to play with Blackfire since the first release when Fabien Potencier presented this new Profiling Systems during the Symfony Live New York and later at the Symfony Live in San Francisco.

Here is the results of 3 hours talking and playing with Nicolas Grekas the CTO of Blackfire and Sébastien Morel General Manager of Novactive San Francisco.

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