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case: Hibu

Hibu decided to trust Novactive in the complete overhaul of their respected and renowned website. They had selected eZ Platform Enterprise Edition to manage their pages.

The challenge for this project was the level of customization per block, Hibu's team wanted to be able to do pretty much everything.

Per block, additionnaly to the block definition (an Hero, and Gallery, a Collection etc.) they can have: a toptile, a title, a subtitle, a background image or video and a CTA. But even more and to give them full power they can adapt the CSS at the block level. This project leverage all the potential of eZ Platform Enterprise with the Studio features.

We have team-up with and eZ System in this project to provide Hibu's team eZ Platform Cloud. They now have an amazing Developer eXperience. Synchronized with GIT, each branch is an environment.

eZ Platform Cloud brings the "easy" at the architecture level. It encapsulates the services of your architecture the same way the framework encapsulates the CMS features. No more hassle or under optimizations for your projects, you get all the eZ Power and the Developer Experience that comes with the PaaS behind it. Deployment becomes an abstraction, a layer that you don't have to worry about. It is perfectly integrated into your production workflow.


Technologies: eZ Platform Enterprise 1.11.x, PHP 7.1

eZ Platform Cloud,, Fastly and CloudFront

Everthing is a landing page
Highly customizable block system
Form builder synchronized to Eloqua

The Economist

Technologies: eZ Platform Enterprise with Legacy Bridge, Symfony, Varnish, ESIs, MongoDB

This project won the eZ Innovation of the Year 2016
Integration with Salesforce and Zuora
Queue System

In a few figures:
Several millions of users in MongoDB
More than 15 stackholders on the client side
Many servers on AWS hosted and managed by the Client

case: The Economist

In 2015, the prestigious economic magazine “The Economist” has trusted Novactive SF to be a key element in the complete overhaul of its global transactional digital platforms.

We pushed the limit a the CMS to give the marketing teams the ability to fully customize the buying experience.

Technicaly wise, we have decided to make a clear distinction between “Users“ and “Contents“. The Content Repository of the CMS hosts the data related to build the buyer flow and the marketing campaings in all the countries and the noSQL database contains everything that is user related (profile, orders, preferences etc.)

We have presented this approach at the eZ Conference 2015 in New York: How to integrate FOSUserBundle in eZ Platform to externalize Users in MongoDB

This project was a success and marketing teams are now able to build, reuse, optimize the offers with an high level of customization.

case: is an internationally renowned and professional Guide to The Good Life including reviews on restaurants, hotels, travel, lifestyle, wine, spirits, spas, movies and automobiles.

Novactive was chosen to migrate the 17 years old website with some of its contents in a basic database and with thousand of pages in pure old style HTML.

We started by the basics of Mobile Friendly UX and Design before to review all the technical part using eZ Publish Enterprise version.

The importation of the previous contents of the Hotel Vertical is done and we are working on the Restaurants and the other verticals.

The challenge was and it is still technical with more than 17M pageviews every month but also human as the Gayot team has completely changed their day-to-day way of work using the perfect fit CMS: eZ Publish.

Coming with eZ Publish the search engine is now a core feature of the website and allows the visitor to find what they are looking for: reviews, Top 10, featured contents etc.

Technologies: eZ Publish Enterprise 5.4.x Enterprise, Varnish, ESIs and Solr

Hosted and maintained in AWS by Novactive
60% of the visit are coming from Mobile
Solr with eZ Find integration

In a few figures:
Around 17M monthly pageviews
More than 10k hotels in the database
97% Cache Hit Ratio in Varnish

BPIFrance v3

Technologies: eZ Publish 5.2 Entreprise, Symfony 2, PHP 5.4, Solr

Development times have been significantly reduced
Code sources organization is now amazing
Cache mechanism and refreshing process are more accurate
ESIs allow the project to be very dynamic and reactive
Varnish integration works perfectly

case: BPIFrance v3

BPIFrance is a French public investment bank. This project uses the last Enterprise version of eZ Publish 5.x

For this project we used all the new components of eZ Publish 5 and all the contents were kept from the previous database.

We could use the new template system, the new API, but most of all, the new cache mechanism based on Symfony and by the way on HTTP.

Performance with Varnish in front of the platform are thus extremely good. Even if the project doesn't need extreme performance this project contains a lot of examples, implementations, and experiences very useful for our future projects!

We also were able to help eZ Systems on some points (little bug fixes, documentation improvements, and so on).

case: La Nouvelle République

"La Nouvelle République" is a newspaper website with a lot of contents imported each day. Contents come from paper and are enhanced via eZ Publish.

This eZ Publish website was developed in partnership with eZ Systems. We have combined eZ Tags, eZ Find, eZ Flow, and eZ Accelerator to manage a high performance website.

We won the "Innovation project of the year 2012" for this project.The big particularity of this project is the virtual content tree of based on geo-localized tags (themes and locations), contexts and contents.

For performance reason, the database is only for content structure. All information are retrieved using the Solr search engine and its index.

There is a archive system which allows us to maintain the size of the content repository. Of course, contributors are able to retrieve archived content to re-publish them!

La Nouvelle République

Technologies: eZ Publish 4.7 Enterprise, Varnish, ESIs and Solr

This project won the eZ Innovation of the Year 2012

Key customers points:
More than 2k articles daily imported
8 sources of contents
More than 250 contributors/reporters

In a few figures:
Around 40k visits each morning
Around 5M monthly visitors
More than 25M pageviews monthly
Solr with eZ Find integration
98% Cache Hit Ratio in Varnish

Le Figaro - Sport24 - Website and Mobile Apps

Technologies: eZ Publish 4.7 Enterprise, Varnish, ESIs and Solr

In a few figures:
Around 900k daily pageviews
Around 140k daily visitors
More than 27M monthly pageviews
More than 1.3M monthly visits
An average of 20k visits between 9pm and 10pm
3 web servers, 2 reverse proxies 2 back offices, 1 filer, 2 databases
Solr with eZ Find integration
98% Cache Hit Ratio in Varnish

case: Le Figaro - Sport24 - Website and Mobile Apps

"Sport 24" is a newspaper sport website. Its vocation is to cover the whole range of sports, whilst relying on a livescore platform to watch matches live.

The main focus of our customer, Le Figaro, was the "Instant Publication." The goal on the 2011 overhaul was to beat the competitor on the publishing aspect. The project had a good cache mechanism for handling traffic, but a very long publication time.

This project gave birth to eZ Accelerator which is today the most famous extension used on eZ Market.

All the front office uses Solr as Big Data repository. The relational database is used by the back office.

case: Fidall and Le Figaro - Sport24 Push Notification System

These two clients needed to send mass push notifications in a few minutes with only one server.

Novactive has developed a high performance PHP queue system which allow customers to send more than 150k pushes in less than 5 minutes.

The system is reusable and improved with specificities of each customers.

Technologies: PHP 5.x, Fork, Queue systems, Apple and Google notifications

In a few figures:
More than 150k push in 5 minutes
Error recovery system
Only one server included the database

Fidall - Website and Mobile Apps

Technologies: eZ Publish 4.x, iOS and Android

In a few figures:
More than 2M download in AppStore the first year
More than 650k monthly application launched
More than 600k users ( and 5M related cards ) in eZ Publish ( Fidall registred profile )
More than 10M cards in database

case: Fidall - Website and Mobile Apps

Fidall was the first startup success of Novactive startups collaboration. A mobile application which allows users to dematerialize their loyalty cards.

Fidall was one of the first mobile application using eZ Publish as the content backend. At this time, there isn't REST API to expose contents. We have developed all the web services needed to expose and synchronize contents between backends and mobiles.

Since eZ Publish has evolved and a refactoring is in progress to use the Symfony 2 framework and to build a RESTFul API.

case: Melijoe

Before this complete technical overhaul, Melijoe was developed in Prestashop. This a great example of a rebuild from scratch. Melijoe have very specific needs and a solution like Magento or Prestashop did not fit.

4 years ago, Symfony 2 or even Zend Framework 2, was not. Novactive has been in charge to designed and develop a multi-language, multi-currency, multi-channel e-commerce platform that's always up and running today.

At this time, we have made the choice to use Zeta Components and some components of Zend Framework 1. Melijoe is a leader in its domain and a very high traffic website. We decided to integrate Varnish as part of the application. Our innovative usage of ESIs allows us to handle high traffic during sales or marketing campaigns.


Technologies: Zeta Components, Zend Framework, Memcached, Varnish, ESIs and Fredhopper

In a few figures:
More than 300k visits per month
3 webservers, 2 reverse proxies, 2 databases
Fredhopper integration

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