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Proud to be eZ Partner of the year 2015.

After our move in North America, this award means a lot! If you don't know what is eZ, call us!

Innovation minded

Novactive has at heart to assist its
customers in its changes by making technology a business asset for service differentiation and performance.


Don't fill out forms anymore! The new
magic mobile application which allows you to fill out any forms in just 1 second!

eZ Publish Certified Experts since 2005.

We build your project into a scalable application using a powerful professional CXM based on Symfony2.

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eZ Launchpad: Making it Easy to Get Started with eZ Platform.


An afternoon with Blackfire playing with eZ Platform.

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How to integrate FOSUserBundle in eZ Platform to externalize Users in MongoDB.

SEO Bundle


Nova SEO Bundle eZ Platform, Optimized SEO management for eZ

Innovation minded, challenge oriented, agile,
ready to launch your projects


Extensive experience of more than 18 years allows us to effectively conceptualize, design and implement projects using all available adapted technologies.


Tech agnostic, Novactive effectively develops client projects combining the technical expertise of an IT specialist with the creativity of a web marketing firm. We master web and mobile technologies, from content management systems to ecommerce tools and mobile applications.


On time ! and specifically tailored for you, efficiency and pragmatism are our key terms. Each plateform is strictly designed to match your business needs and goals.

Challenge is part of our DNA

DevOps, experts, multi-platform, and passionated members of our teams allow us to develop high-performance, reliable and scalable projects. If you need a commando unit we will accept our mission.

You already have an existing project and you need to boost it or to fix it ? We provide audits and diagnostics remotely or on site. Of course, we will able to implement for you our recommendations.

Too often, we tend to consider that the idea is the only thing that matters and that the technical must follow as it is only detail. At Novactive, we measure the importance of the technical choices and most of all we love top quality work. An idea misunderstood by technology is an idea that misses its target.

"Our achievements lead to the concrete, the visible, the quantifiable."

about: is an internationally renowned and professional Guide to The Good Life including reviews on restaurants, hotels, travel, lifestyle, wine, spirits, spas, movies and automobiles. Novactive is in charge to migrate every verticals one by one on eZ Publish Enterprise 5.x in full stack Symfony2 mode. We did the UX, Design and technical developments. by novactive
HatchTodaySF by novactive

about: HatchTodaySF

In the heart of the city with 2 locations, HatchTodaySF intends reinterpreting the work space, creating places where people can work hard, build a community and feel at home. Novactive developed this website mid 2015 with eZ Publish Community version full stack Symfony2. We did the complete overhaul of the former website.

about: Yoochoose

Yoochoose provides a personalization solution to recommend highly relevant products to their customers in real-time. Novactive developed this website early 2015 with eZ Publish 5.4.x full stack Symfony2. Its one page like design was an interesting experience of conception. Novactive did the UX, the Design and the technical developments.

Yoochoose by novactive
Sport 24 by novactive

about: Sport 24

Beyond the visible graphical overhaul, Sport 24 is a highly technical and scalable platform able to handle huge amount of visitors. Sport24 has covered real-time sport events since 1998 and has continued to innovate in online information processing. In July 2011, Sport24 and Novactive released a new version of the website developed under the eZ Publish CMS.

about: Sephora

Website devoted to journalists and bloggers translated in 12 languages and responsive.

Sephora Pressroom by novactive
Melijoe by novactive

about: Melijoe

4 years ago Novactive designed and developed a multi-language, multi-currency, multi-channel e-commerce platform always up and running

about: Fidall

Novactive teamed up with the startup Fidall. A mobile application (iOS/Android) which allows users to dematerialize their loyalty cards.

Fidall by novactive
Tripnco by novactive

about: Tripnco

Novactive teamed up with the startup Tripnco. A website offering ways to organize, create, and share trips and activities.

about: Zippy Guide

Novactive teamed up with the startup Zippy Guide. A guide providing a search engine to find activities close to home.

Zippy Guide by novactive
  • Customer Melijoe
  • Customer Dukan Diet
  • Customer Voxit
  • Customer Corsair
  • Customer Swisslife
  • Customer Veolia
  • Customer Thomas Cook
  • Customer Mazars
  • Customer Banque Populaire

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